Localized fields


Base localized fields. Stores content as strings of arbitrary lengths.

from localized_fields.fields import LocalizedField


Localized version of django.db.models.CharField.

Use this for single-line text content. Uses <input type="text" /> when rendered as a widget.

from localized_fields.fields import LocalizedCharField

Follows the same convention as django.db.models.CharField to store empty strings for “no data” and not NULL.


Localized version of django.db.models.TextField.

Use this for multi-line text content.

from localized_fields.fields import LocalizedTextField

Follows the same convention as django.db.models.TextField to store empty strings for “no data” and not NULL.


Localized version of django.db.models.FileField.

from localized_fields.fields import LocalizedFileField

def my_directory_path(instance, filename, lang):
  # file will be uploaded to MEDIA_ROOT/<lang>/<id>_<filename>
  return '{0}/{0}_{1}'.format(lang, instance.id, filename)

class MyModel(models.Model):
     file1 = LocalizedFileField(upload_to='uploads/{lang}/')
     file2 = LocalizedFileField(upload_to=my_directory_path)

The upload_to supports the {lang}} placeholder for string formatting or as function argument (in case if upload_to is a callable).

In a template, you can access the files for different languages:

{# For current active language: #}

{{ model.file.url }}  {# output file url #}
{{ model.file.name }} {# output file name #}

{# Or get it in a specific language: #}

{{ model.file.ro.url }}  {# output file url for romanian language #}
{{ model.file.ro.name }} {# output file name for romanian language #}

To get the file instance for the current language:



Localized version of django.db.models.IntegerField.

from localized_fields.fields import LocalizedIntegerField

Although the underlying PostgreSQL data type for LocalizedField is hstore (which only stores strings). LocalizedIntegerField takes care of making sure that input values are integers and casts the values back to integers when querying them.