Disabled in v5.x and earlier. Enabled by default since v6.0.

    When enabled:

    • LocalizedField will return None instead of an empty LocalizedValue if there is no database value.

    • LocalizedField lookups will by the currently active language instead of an exact match by dict.


    List of language codes which define the order in which fallbacks should happen. If a value is not available in a specific language, we’ll try to pick the value in the next language in the list.


    If this setting is not configured, the default behaviour is to fall back to the value in the default language. It is recommended to configure this setting to get predictible fallback behaviour that suits your use case.

    Use the same language codes as you used for configuring the LANGUAGES and LANGUAGE_CODE setting.

        "en": ["nl", "ar"], # if trying to get EN, but not available, try NL and then AR
        "nl": ["en", "ar"], # if trying to get NL, but not available, try EN and then AR
        "ar": ["en", "nl"], # if trying to get AR, but not available, try EN and then NL